The end of September/beginning of October 2015 brings us to the conclusion of our first year at Hound Hall..... and what an amazing first year it has been.   The support we have received from our clients has been phenomenal, resulting in the hotel being fully booked throughout our first summer, with reservations now as far as October 2016.  Incredibly, parts of May 2016 are fully booked already, have been for a while and it is still 8 months away! 


Our job.  Many of our clients say to us that we have the ‘dream job’.    Others express their thoughts on how we work such long days 7 days a week, and without any extra help/staff.     The answer is of course, that we both have a passion for animals, and we are dedicated to providing a completely unique, individual service for each and every dog staying at Hound Hall.  So basically for us, yes it is hard work and we do work long hours, but it is a dream job for us and we love every minute of working with the dogs (well most of the time....perhaps not at 6.30am on a wet cold morning!).


Rewards.  The rewards of seeing how well our guests settle, coupled with the pleasure of seeing an owner and dog reunited after time away from each other is just the most wonderful sight.    When our guests clearly have an enjoyable stress-free holiday at Hound Hall, this takes away the worry from the owner whilst they are apart. 

Why Hound Hall?   It goes without saying that our tariff is higher than a normal boarding kennels.  However, although the average boarding establishment charge by the day, Hound Hall offers an overnight stay included in the price.  We also include walks, and play, underfloor heating, flat screen tv’s, rooms 4 times the size of the average kennel, real beds, rugs/cushions, large play areas, cctv monitoring etc.    The windows and doors are designed to eliminate stress, enabling the dogs to see out of the rooms when they are in them.  All the dogs have individual attention, which clearly takes more time;   we hand feed our guests if necessary, cook chicken or add something really tasty to top their normal food which encourages them to eat.  We post photos of our guests on Face Book so that clients can follow their dog’s progress -  this is enormously successful.  We will even text or email owners to give regular updates.  


Improvements.  Over the 12 months we have been in business, although built from scratch in 2014, Hound Hall has undergone many changes/improvements.  We have continually assessed and reassessed what works, what doesn’t work, what needs amending, and what needs adding.  During this first year, we have spent a considerable amount on additions and improvements to the hotel, to enhance the enjoyment of our guests’ holiday.  These have been in the form of replacing wooden beds with wrought iron frames, gazebos in the play areas to offer shelter from the rain and protection from the sun, astro turf also in the play areas for dogs that don’t like toileting on concrete, and of course the play barn for day care and fun on rainy days, together with the little paddock all fenced with 2m high security fencing, turfed and incorporating fun agility equipment. 


What’s next?  So what’s next for Hound Hall?  Our promise to our clients is to maintain our high standards on a continual basis.  Through our passion, our dedication and service will never be compromised and we will continue to give each and every guest our full attention, ensuring every holiday is as enjoyable and as happy as can possibly be.


Going forward into our second year, we look forward to seeing existing clients and also new.   Whatever your reason for leaving your dog with us, whether for Day Care or an extended holiday, we guarantee that your dog will not get better care.


With very kind regards


Barbara and Martin

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