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Your dog will be logged onto our system once you have made your booking.   We will go through any points raised on arrival. 
We reserve the right to re-let the room/suite in 24 hours from the arrival date and time in the case of not checking in on the due date.  You will be liable for full payment of fees, due upon receipt of our invoice.



  • A booking is not valid until the deposit has been paid, the booking form & guest information sheet has been received by us, and you have received confirmation of the reservation.

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required when making your booking, payable by card, cash or bank transfer. The balance is due on departure. This can be paid by card, or cash. If there are any extras to be added, they will be included on your final invoice. 

  • If the cost of the reservation is under £80.00 the total amount is payable at the time of booking.

  • If the booking is made within 14 days of the arrival date, the total amount of the booking is payable.

  • All dates booked are chargeable in full unless 14 days’ notice prior to the date of arrival is given.

  • If you do not notify us of a cancellation, the full amount of the booking is chargeable for the period booked.

  • If the booking is changed once booked, to a shorter period, we regret we will charge for the complete booking.

  • Once we have received your booking forms, and arrival/departure times have been given, we will work around those timings for other bookings. Therefore, if you need to extend your day or arrive a little earlier, although we will endeavour to help, it may not be possible.

  • Should you need to cancel for whatever reason, we regret we are unable to transfer the deposit to another booking.

  • The final invoice is payable on departure.  Forgetting bag/purse/will pay later is not acceptable.  In this case, the dog/s will remain with Hound Hall in a holding room until payment is made.  There will be a charge for holding the dogs at the normal rate plus interest at our discretion on the amount payable until payment is made.

  • We regret that during peak periods we can generally only take bookings of 5 days or more.  However, if we can tag a booking on the end or beginning of an existing booking, we will be happy to help, so it is always worth enquiring.

  • If we are unable to continue with your booking for whatever reason once your deposit has been paid and your booking has been confirmed we will return your deposit.

Hound Hall will not be responsible for finding alternative accommodation for your dog although we will be happy to make recommendations of alternative boarding establishments.



  • If you would like to alter your booking once the booking has been confirmed, eg extend by an extra day, providing we have the availability, an administration fee of £20.00 will be charged.  We regret that bookings are not transferable to a different date once booked.



  • If your dog is checked out earlier than the check-out date, we regret the full amount of the booking will be charged. 

  • Any dog not collected after 14 days of the check-out date with no communication from the owner, will be re-homed at the discretion of Hound Hall and reported to the appropriate authorities.  Payment of the full amount of the invoice plus extra days boarded and any expenses incurred will be payable upon receipt of invoice.

  • We understand when travelling that you may be delayed when collecting your dog, and we do allow a short period of time in between bookings to allow us to clean the room thoroughly.  However, if you are late for collection during busy periods, we may have to place your dog in a holding room until you arrive.  Your dog will be safe in here, but it will not be as luxurious as the room they will have been staying in.  We will charge extra for this facility.



  • We charge for each day up to and including an overnight stay.

  • We do not charge extra for the final day if the room is vacated before 10am.

  • We do not charge extra for walks, watching TV, DVD’s, plays, fun, cuddles or massages. Should your dog have a condition prior to boarding with us and require a check-up or treatment, we will charge £20.00 per required visit to our own vet.

  • For a small extra charge, we can text and let you have an update on your dog, we can even email photos.

  • We charge a small amount for administering medicines, depending upon frequency and complexity.


It is a requirement that your dog holds a valid vaccination certificate.  ALL vaccination cards will be inspected on arrival.  Hound Hall will be unable to accept your dog without inspection of the paperwork.  However, full fees will remain payable for the whole booking.

The inoculations should cover:


  • Canine Distemper

  • Parvovirus

  • Canine Hepatitis

  • Leptospirosis (Lepto 2 or Lepto 4)

Kennel Cough - This is not included in the normal routine vaccine.  You will need to request it from your vet.  The vaccine is given up the dog's nose. Although infectious bronchitis is highly infectious, it is a troublesome but not usually a life-threatening disease, however, it is unpleasant, and if a dog with kennel cough is in close proximity of another dog, it is likely that the other dog will catch it too.

  •  Therefore, we ask that your dog is covered for Kennel Cough.

Kennel Cough vaccine must be administered at least 14 days before arrival.  This is because there is a 3-day onset of immunity period followed by a 7-10 day incubation period during which it is possible that your dog may contract Kennel Cough.


Although the kennel cough vaccine will offer a good protection from the infectious disease, it does not cover all the strains of the virus.  Therefore, there is no guarantee when placing your dog in any environment where there are several dogs, that your dog will not contract a mild version of the infection if a dog in close proximity is infected.  However,  Hound Hall takes every precaution to eliminate and prevent infection by using dedicated disinfectants for control of diseases, and disinfecting all furnishings following each and every guest.
N.B.  If you have an elderly dog and are concerned about giving the Kennel Cough vaccine, or if your dog has an illness which the Kennel Cough vaccine could be detrimental to his health, please speak to us about this prior to booking.



We are more than happy to accept a current Titre Test with scores of 2 or higher to eliminate over-vaccination.


Your dog should be treated for worms and fleas prior to his stay at Hound Hall.  However, we would encourage clients to use
Worm Count  so that dogs are not chemically treated on a regular basis unnecessarily.
We are happy to for you to use natural products for fleas etc.


  • We reserve the right to refuse any dog that is clearly unwell at check-in.

  • In the event of one of our guests being unwell during their stay with us, our local veterinary group offer 24hr cover and call out.

  • Any vet fees will be added to your final invoice.  We will charge accordingly for taking your dog to the vets depending upon the time engaged.  Our nominated vet is The Tern Veterinary Group.

  • Whilst every care and attention is given to every dog in our care, each dog is boarded entirely at the owner´s risk.  We cannot be held responsible for loss of life or illness from whatever cause. 


We are happy to administer prescribed oral or topical medicines for your dog within reason.
Extra charges for this will depend on what is required and the frequency.



  • Bitches due in season may board at our discretion.  We MUST be notified in advance.  If we have an entire male staying with us, then it will not be possible.

  • In the case of your bitch coming into season whilst we have an entire dog with us, we will contact your emergency person to collect your dog.  A bitch in season causes immense stress for entire males, and once the bitch reaches the date for mating, she too will do everything she can to get to a male.

  • Because we are a small friendly hotel, we do not have the facilities to accommodate dogs that show aggression towards other dogs, either on lead or off lead and also towards people.  We regret we can only take dogs that are friendly and as a consequence, we do not accept guarding breeds and dogs that are bred for fighting.

  • Please note that if your dog becomes aggressive or destructive, your nominated emergency person will be contacted.  Please ensure that this person is able to collect and house your dog safely until your return.  In the event of us being unable to contact your nominated person, your dog will be placed in a normal local kennel and the cost to be settled by yourself.   Our invoice will be fully payable.  You will be responsible for costs of repair or replacement of damaged items by your dog, payable on production of our invoice.

  • Barkers.  Constant barking is extremely stressful both for the dog that is barking and also for other guests.  If you know that your dog will bark constantly, we regret that Hound Hall would be unsuitable for your dog.  Should you book more than one reservation and your dog is destructive or continually barking/howling on the first booking,  if deemed necessary, Hound Hall will cancel all subsequent bookings.  Your deposit will be returned to you

  • Because Hound Hall replicates a home environment, we expect that all dogs staying with us are house trained.  It is normal and acceptable to have the occasional accident, but we do not accept dogs that have not been taught to eliminate outdoors.

  • Please note that failure to disclose any information about your dog´s behaviour that may result in injury or damage will be payable by you.



  • Your dog's disc should be clearly marked with your own information.  This is required by law when in a public area.

We do not walk any dogs off lead. 

Your dog will be covered by insurance whilst in our care.  However, this does not cover veterinary fees.

You are more than welcome to bring your dog´s bed, toys, or anything else that you feel will help them settle during their stay with us.

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